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The 175-year history of CASE Construction Equipment is a source of extraordinary pride and commitment.

Emerging in the late nineteenth century, the company formed around the innovative practicality of J.I. Case in the field of steam engines. Over the following decades, the company began to pioneer equipment for road construction and in doing so helped to ‘pave the world’.

By the beginning of the early twentieth century, CASE had established itself as the leading manufacturer of construction equipment. Continuing to grow and prosper, CASE goes on building our business, our reputation and the world we live in.

You can take pride in the CASE name on your machine. It’s backed by more than a century of productivity and performance, and designed with reality in mind to better meet the needs of our customers. It’s an approach we call practical innovation: Providing intuitive solutions that drive productivity and efficiency at your job site.

Plus, we’re here for you not just at the time of purchase, but also after you’ve put 1,000 or 10,000 machine hours on it. When our name is on your machine, you can count on CASE and your CASE dealer for the ultimate ownership experience: intuitive solutions, high-performing equipment, flexible financing, genuine CASE parts, along with expert advice and prompt service.


We started out in 1962 by designing and building concrete mixers and in 1983 we were one of the first European manufacturers to develop and produce a range of telehandlers. Our offering has continued to expand over the years: in 1998 we presented the S.I.R. telehandler series — Samson, Icarus and Runner.

In 2000 we unveiled the now well-known Pegasus family of telehandlers with 360- and 400-degree rotating boom. More recently we launched HERCULES, the new line of high load capacity vehicles for heavy industry, as well as the AGRI PLUS and AGRI TECH vehicles, which are specially designed for intensive agricultural use. Added to this is the Agri Pivot range of wheel loaders with telescopic boom.

The result of this constant commitment is an offering that includes no fewer than 143 current production models. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art DIECI technical department provides customized solutions developed from standard vehicles based on customers’ specific technical requirements, to meet their special application needs.

To progressively implement our technology solutions, our production processes and our vocational training, we launched the Kaizen Project—inspired by the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement—to eliminate waste and inefficiency. In line with this approach that reflects the most modern organizational standards, a radical change is under way that will increase productivity and quality while eliminating activities that do not create added value for the company and its customers.

To achieve this objective, DIECI is completely overhauling its production processes to simplify and streamline the management of the various tasks. The nine existing assembly lines and their complementary departments will converge into a new model based on six “integrated flow channels”, which will output the finished products ready for shipment.


In 1996 Kees Hoogendoorn and his wife Annet Schoenmaker started Keestrack with an ambitious vision: to build the world’s first direct feed scalper.

After we started a trading business in construction equipment in 1988 we moved on into the crushing & screening business resulting in the idea of the direct feed scalper. We decided to build our own screen in 1996. Soon afterwards Kees went on to develop the mobile impact crusher and, after acquiring OM in 2010, added a full range of jaw crushers to the Keestrack product range. Today direct feed scalpers are the industry standard, with Keestrack proudly leading the way in mobile screening and crushing equipment.

We’re still 100% privately owned and managed by the Hoogendoorn family, with the idea of family at the heart of everything we do. We support each other as we strive to continually improve our products, creating an atmosphere that clients recognize and appreciate. The result gives us an unshakable belief in Keestrack and our ability to succeed.

Building superior crushers and screeners will continue to be the goal at Keestrack, where we have started with inventing the world’s first direct feed screen on tracks.

Kubota Corporation (Osaka, Japan) was established in 1890 and began manufacturing water pipes to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Today, Kubota Corporation has developed 2 principal business sectors:

– Farm and Industrial Machinery Sector (tractors, landscaping equipment, construction machinery, industrial diesel engines etc.…)

– Water and Environmental Systems Sector (steel pipes, valves, solid waste and sewage treatment and recycling plants, submerged membrane filters, water treatment plants etc.…)

Kubota Corporation has subsidiaries and affiliates that manufacture and/or market products that are sold in more than 130 countries all over the world.

Kubota Europe has 4 main departments: Tractors, Construction Machinery, Engines and Spare Parts.

Today, now that energy conservation and the protection of the environment are finally global concerns, Kubota Corporation continues to be totally committed to supporting sustainable development, thereby illustrating its ability to pave the way while maintaining its vision for the future.
It is this philosophy that differentiates the Kubota brand from its competitors, combining customer satisfaction with a responsible, eco-friendly approach which preserves our natural resources.

Since 1973 the work-quality improvement and the research for innovative solutions are the guidelines of VTN Europe, manufacturing its products.
With more than 40 years of history, the company, founded by Nerio Vaccaro, has evolved and today VTN Europe can be considered a leader company as well as a benchmark in the European and world market.
VTN Europe relies on a solid high-level know-how, starting from the concept to the final quality testing.
During the design and the production phases every idea is enriched with functional details that make the product useful and unique, according to the Italian style that distinguishes this great tradition.
That’s why, the passion and the philosophy that are the soul of VTN Europe can be recap in few simple words: “WITH US, MAKE MORE.”

IMS – HTM Maschinen

HTM Maschinen è un'azienda che si occupa del commercio di macchine impiegate nel movimento terra, escavazioni, edilizia e agricoltura. Il nostro parco macchine comprende brand si grande qualità:



Oltre alla vendita di macchine e attrezzature, HTM Maschinen mette a disposizione dei clienti la possibilità di scegliere il macchinario adatto alle proprie esigenze nella categoria USATO.
Il nostro Team specializzato è a disposizione per consulenza, vendita pezzi di ricambio, riparazioni ed anche noleggio.